05 April, 2018

The one about our caravan...


Yes. Even I am as shocked as most people I tell.

But let me tell you all about it, or rather why...because as shocked as we still are...we are super excited!

Reason 1 - It's my parents fault.
Growing up, my parents took us just about everywhere. And I am not talking planes, and on overseas trips or even to luxury hotels...nope. My sister and I were literally stuffed in the back of my Dad's Opel Kadette and we drove, all over the country. Backpacks were thrown on our backs and we hiked over mountains, for days. Some times the places were awesome, sometimes not...but it all added to the memories we now hold.

I remember, a moment, as clear as daylight. I must have asked my Dad why we weren't going overseas...and he responded "Lets see our own country before we see another." That has stuck with me my whole life. It's these little holidays, never ending hikes and road trips we took, to all parts of South Africa (including Swaziland and Namibia), that I believe made me love this country so very much. We were so lucky...and I have always said to TF, I will do the exact same thing for my children...

Reason 2 - 2017
I am not sure about you, but 2017 literally flew by for me. In such away, that it actually scared me. The realisation that my life, especially time with my babies was just fleeting.

I needed to some how slow time down. Some how.

Towards the end of last year, and beginning of this year, we spent a few weekends at home...by the pool, in front of the tv, taking afternoon naps...never really leaving the house. At the end of those weekends, I remember feeling like I had actually had a break, we had slowed down.

With both of us working full time...our weekends are often spent doing 'stuff'and 'chores'...and while that cannot be avoided...I realised if we planned things better, we could try and grab one weekend a month and get away...

Reason 3 - Budget
Money. So while the idea of going away once a month is awesome...there is that little problem called 'bills to pay'"...you know the one?

Camping...I thought! It's way cheaper than booking proper accommodation. However, while I am a camping girl, TF is not a camping boy. I know the babies love it. But setting up a campsite with two year old twins running around is not easy. Also, it needs a lot of planning. So spur of the moment trips were not going to happen...

A caravan! The best of both world. Cheap accommodation (except for the initial layout of course), its always ready to go, the babies will love it, TF will love it...and we can go where we want to...

So we started talking about it towards the end of last year, we started budgeting for a second hand one, that we could possibly renovate. Fast forward to March, and we found our little Sprite Scout. Not as old as we wanted, a bit more expensive than we originally budgeted...but she is perfect!

We are so excited to start using her...even more excited to show Harper and Jackson this incredibly beautiful country of theirs...and also to share #ouradventureswithscout with you....

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