15 October, 2017

Kruger Park - Day One

It was early this year, when my Dad called me to say that he had managed to secure a booking in the Kruger Park for later on this year, and...

Would we been keen to go? HELL YES!
It's for six nights? HELL YES!
Happy with Satara? HELL YES!
We will be camping though? Yes!
We don't have an electrified site? Yes!

I kid. Any holiday or time spent in the Kruger Park, my most favorite place on this earth, is worth it. Camping or not. Electricity or not.

And the opportunity to introduce my babies to this incredible part of the world is one I will never say no too. TF could not join us, and it did cross my mind to maybe cancel, but I am so glad I didn't. Harper and Jackson LOVED it.

Here are a few pics from our first day...

Day Two & Three

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Unknown said...

The best day! Funny how you only realised how much you enjoyed a holiday when you return and look back at all the pics! Happy times x