05 January, 2016

Conversations before 8:30...

Well more like...what comes out of my mouth to two seven month olds and two bulldogs...all before 8:30...
"Harper, please stop kicking your brother in the head!"
"How can you both be wanting the same ugly rattle? Jackson...it's your sisters turn!"
"Jackson please stop driving into Charlie!"
"Harper...he just touched you for a second...it's not the end of the world!"
"Jackson please stop touching your sister!"
"Oh crap...do I need to feed you guys!"
"Jackson! You cannot climb head first out off the play thing"
"Right lets see who can stop crying first!"
"Oh sorry boy, I just stuffed oats all the way up your nose"
"Henry will you stop trying to break down the security gate!"
"Harper...the milk is exactly the same as you've always had...no need to gag!"
"Who is ready for bed?"

And we are only seven months in!


Wenchy said...

The sounds about right!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Precious moments ♥

cat said...

It does get easier - I promise. And you will always remember this

Wenchy said...

Oh so lovely (and exhaustING! )