20 August, 2015

For you...yes you!

When friends of ours fell pregnant with twins over two years ago, I remember them telling us how overwhelmed they were by the support they received. I remember us laughing as to whether it was because people felt so sorry for them, knowing what life was about to become with twins.
Little did we know that two years later we would feel that same amount of love.

So this is for you. All of you. Thank you.

Thank you for every single message of congratulations and support.
Thank you for every single like on facebook and instagram - we know, we do go a little overboard with the pics. We are sorry. Not sorry.
Thank you for every single tweet, comment and whatsapp message - we're sorry if we havent replied to them all, but we've read everyone.
Thank you for the incredible, mind blowing gifts and cards we have received. From all over the world, from people we haven't met, from people we haven't seen in years, from IRL and online friends - 3 months in and I'm still working on those thank you notes.
Thank you for the visits and the calls. For the messages we've received through family and friends.

And an extra special thank you to our families and close friends. You guys have no idea what your support and love mean to us. We could not do this without you.

So from all the entire Malherbe household...who are still blown away by all this...one last thank you.


Mrs FF said...

What goes around comes around though in this case in a good way!

Picture overload!! Nah I think you don't post enough but I know you have your hands very full.

Lynette Jacobs said...

You can just continue posting those super cute photos...we will never have enough of them xx

cat said...

Just keep posting beautiful pics. Sad I missed you all on Saturday