01 August, 2014

Top Row
 - ...and good morning - heaven is freshly baked farm bread, being delivered to your front door - 
- There is always a light at the end of the tunnel -
- oh yes they did...all four of us in one bed.
 There might have even been some marshmallow eating too...just maybe... -
Middle Row
I met this sweet girl when she was just three years old. She crept right into my heart...and has been there ever since. And just look at her now. Love you endlessly Danielle... -
When the husband buys you a new food processor....you bake cake -
- Kinda ombré right? -
- Me and my Adam...he is teaching me to play Clash of Clans -
Bottom Row
- Desperately wanting Dad to come home... -
- Umm...that's my chair boys -
- As a little girl, my Dad would drag my Sister and I around nursery after nursery. I hated it. And yet...I find myself, on a days leave, dragging myself around nursery after nursery...and loving every single second of it.
 Like Father, like daughter -
- Never too early to start prepping for Halloween... - 


Lynette Jacobs said...

I always love to see these little glimpses into your life xx

Unknown said...

You take such gorgeous photos

kbd said...

I just designed a business card with an ombre pink cake on a white cake stand! Only difference was it had bunting on sticks on it... but it wasn't approved :( A design saved for a rainy day BUT I have been dying to bake a cake just like it, so basically I want to BAKE THAT CAKE! xoxo