16 August, 2014

My love-hate relationship...

...with a Johannesburg Winter.

One of the best things about living on the Highveld is our incredible weather. We really do have the best weather. Except for...Winter.

For those who not from here...our Winters are very short, very dry, freezing at night and very mild during the day. In fact the days can get quiet warm. And this for the most part makes our Winters bearable - I really shouldn't complain. Hell, we've even had snow up here.

But the dryness, is just horrible. No rain for months. The gardens and parks become a mass of gold and brown patches. Dust lies everywhere. Not pretty.

But...and this is where my love for our Winters kicks in. Out short dry Winter is followed by the most beautiful Springs. Overnight Joburg starts bursting with colour, the green from the new leaves is almost luminous. She literally starts to shine.
And then...just as the heat of the Jozi Summer, seems to never end...we start to ease into Autumn - my favourite season of all. And once again, this city of mine, shows off a whole other side...before heading to Winter again.
When we lived on the coast for a few years, as much as I loved their rainy, cold Winters...I so desperately missed living through all four seasons...while they are there, they don't seem to be as defined, as pronounced as they are up here.

And that's the thing, as much as I hate our Winters, I know that without it, we wouldn't experience the gloriousness of our Spring and our Autumn. 

And that's why I'm prepared to love Winter.


Mrs FF said...

I hate SA summer!!! It gets too hooooot!!! And my allergies flare up . Winter is bearable here and this year it looks like we skipped spring... I also love the spring blooms and I actually also love the brown winter leaves :)

Mrs FF said...

Ps: one thing I like about summer though - the sunsets are out of this world amazing