03 July, 2014

One of my greatest fears.

Like most people, I have a lot of fears...losing people I love, missing out on things, not having the things I so desperately want to happen...but the greatest above all of these...I kid...not the greatest above all of those important things. But my most irrational, ridiculous...even 'keeps me up at night' fear...is drowning.
The kind of drowning that involves a place that you cannot get out of. Water in general is not the problem. So swimming in the ocean, rivers etc....nooooo problem. But you wont find me on a cruise ship, where you need to spend a night in a cabin. Or going down one of those super tubes that are enclosed...oooooh nooooo. Long haul flights over land, no worries. Long haul flights over the ocean, send me into a mild panic. Because with my luck...I'll have one of those brilliant pilots who can land the plane on the sea, and we will all survive, but then, the plane will slowly start to sink. Oh my great aunt!

I even have a plan of action, if the situation ever arises. If some one is in the room with me, they need to knock me unconscious, with whatever means they can. If I am by myself, I shall sit and knock my head against whatever I can find, until I pass out. Yes. That's the plan. Morbid I know. But one needs to be prepared for these kind of things.

So, as you can see...I have given this a LOT of thought. And, completely irrational I know.

Even writing this, has freaked me out...completely the fault of one movie only - The Poseidon Adventure. Which I have watched about a million times. Go figure.

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cat said...

For me its snakes. Total irrational makes me nauseous fear

cat said...

For me its snakes. Total irrational makes me nauseous fear

Mrs FF said...

I'm with Cat on those creatures. But now reading your post I just have to rethink my fear!

Bailey Schneider said...

I have a completely irrational fear of the dark. I'm talking darkness where you can't see your hand in front of your face. For some odd reason, I always feel like something is going to grab me at any second and I won't see it coming!
They say our fears are also a subconscious level ... so I guess I don't like being blind-sighted or being badly surprised (love good surprises only - obviously.) Perhaps you don't like the feeling of drowning - drowning in work, in emotions, in stress??
Just a thought ;-)

Lynette Jacobs said...

Oy...our fears NEVER make sense. Mine is also snakes...heebee jeebees..that's what they give me.