30 December, 2013


...I punched a lady in the throat. Accidentally of course.
You know when you read one of those status updates, or tweets, and you think how on earth? This would be one of those.
I was reaching up to grab a packet of chicken, decided I did not need it, and brought my hand down and connected it with a lady who was bending done below me.
I wanted to die of embarrassment. Shame she was very sweet about it.
I just kept on bumping into her afterwards...it was one of my most awkward moments to say the least.

...I have a sick husband at home. I really don't need to say much more, do I?
I have been hearing things like this all day:
"I'm just going to lie here on the couch and die."
"These are real coughs!"
"Do not laugh at my illness!"
"I can feel it moving into my chest..."

...I am about to start eating my third Lindt Father Christmas since Christmas Day.
I am not proud.

Edited to add:
...I slipped and dropped my entire mushroom and feta dish all over me.
I am sitting here with, bare knuckles, covered in mushroom, garlic butter and feta. And a bruised ego.
The husband says it's karma for mocking his illness.


Lynette Jacobs said...

Oh you are not having a good day :-P
Man flu is not for sissies.

India Daisy said...

You have to share that mushroom and feta dish with me please!