31 December, 2013

Our Christmas light fail.

This year I was determined to put up Christmas lights outside our house. It was going to be subtle, classy and just magical.

The minute I spotted the ones I wanted, I bought a box. I should have bought two {maybe even three}. So for a few weeks, we lived with having just a few twinkling lights on one teeny tiny part of the house. It was okay. But I was determined to complete the job. I eventually bought my second box...excitably got the husband to put them up...waited for nightfall...switched them on...and...
Yip, two different colours.

And on top of that, they are on their own settings. So sometimes, one is flickering, one is off, one is on...each one doing their own thing. It's just plain horrible. But...I have switched them on as often as I can. They are fairy lights of course, who doesn't love fairy lights right?

Sorry to my neighbours and my street, I promise to up my game next year. They will better and prettier...


Lynette Jacobs said...

I am sure you will improve next year ;-)
Wishing you and your family an awesome 2014 filled with love and laughter xxx
PS: Thank you for the friendship through the years.

Mrs FF said...

There's always next Christmas to make it better 😉😉