22 July, 2013

Baptism of James & Jodie

I think there are very few things more special than a baby's baptism...and when you you have been given the honour of being asked to be a Godparent in their lives...it makes it even more special.

Yesterday, I stood beside my friends, in front of God...and we dedicated the lives of James Edward and Jodie Lyn...

Dear Dale and Kerri, 
We just wanted to say thank you, for giving us the privilege and honour to always be in your children's lives. 
We promise to always love your babies.
We promise to always be there for them.
We promise to look out for them.
And we promise to always have fun...

Dear James and Jodie, 
Forever know, that what ever you do, where you go, we will always be there for you.
Know that you are so very loved and cherished...

1 comment:

Shayne said...

Ah, what a lovely post.

Such cute babies they are.

And love the cake!