08 February, 2013

Instagram Friday.

1. It's a dogs life. 2. Love a flower market. 3. On of the most hectic Joburg storms I have been through.
4. After the rain. 5. My view from the couch right now. 6. In love with me new phone case.


Bailey Schneider said...

I have to ask ... How do you get your photos into this grid on bloodspot... am I being proper blonde?

Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Shayne said...

Ah, love the pics!

Nothing like a good thunderstorm and then the sun peeking through after. My fav.


cat said...

Love the case!

Fiona said...

Where did you get the phone case? I love it. I want one too :)

Lynette Jacobs said...

♥Love your photos♥

Mrs FF said...

Love pictures of sunsets and sunrises- simply beautiful