26 January, 2013

AFCON 2013

When they announced that South Africa would be hosting the 2013 AFCON tournament, we knew we had to go...knowing that it wouldn't be as big as the World Cup...but we still wanted to get a little reminder of how amazing it was in 2010. My Dad landed us tickets to the opening ceremony and the opening game, last Sunday. And that meant we got to see our boys playing. 

We had been watching the weather forecasts all week, so we knew it was going to be a wet one...but nothing was going to damper our spirits. 

Oh and it was so worth putting up with the cold and rainy weather...even though the stadium looks empty {everyone was huddled under the covers}...the atmosphere was electric. We loved every single second of it...
There is nothing quiet seeing any one of our national sides playing at Soccer City...we just never get tired of it....even when its's cold and rainy.

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Mrs FF said...

There's nothing like watching a live game and there's just something about that stadium! Aside from the vuvuzela noise though (ear plugs to the rescue).

We went to the final game last week and it was just amazing!!!! And of course I was cheering for the team that won (my home country) so made all the more even better.