25 August, 2012

Babysitting duty.

Yip. We were on babysitting duty last night. And this is how we scored:
4 x KFC dinners. 
2 x cute kids. 
2 x puzzles built.
1 x cute kid buried in his favourite book.
2 x extra pairs of stokies next to the couch.
17 x belly aching laughs.
5 x wrestling matches.
1 x broken ornament.
1 x lego set scattered across the floor.
2 x sets of tears.
1 x very long programme of Wipeout.
1 x very confused bulldog.
76 x "I am hungry"
38 x "No! Dont do that!"
1 x long snuggle on the couch.
3 x passed out boys by 9h00.
1 x full bed in the morning.
2 x good morning kisses.

Adding up to a hundred little moments that will never be forgotten.


Unknown said...

That sounds like a perfect evening.

Hope the rest of the weekend is just as fun.

MelB said...

Love this post, great way to summarize a memorable evening

Lynette Jacobs said...

Beautiful memories captured to perfection. This is something I should do when we have our next sleepover with our little ones.

Janet said...

What a lovely evening! Special moments - no prize for guessing who the favourite aunt and uncle are ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Perfect score. :)

cat said...

You do not want to be stand in aunt and uncle to 3 very cute and adorable kids?

Marleen Swart said...

Now that's definitely a SCORE :)

Jessica Giggles said...

Sounds like the perfect evening...

Lovely Light said...

I love being an auntie too! Your way of telling the story was very creative.