22 July, 2012

{Mike & Jackie}

A few weeks back, I got a DM via Twitter from, a dear online and now IRL friend, Jacki...asking me if we could meet up for a quick chat. It was over a mug of hot chocolate...where she randomly blurted out that she was going to get married...and it was going to happen with the next week...hello! And she wanted to know if I could take some photos of the day.

Now lets just stop right there...I might love taking photo's...but I do not in anyway claim to even know what I am doing...at all. So, to take photo's of some ones wedding...is something I have never even considered.  But I blurted out a 'Hell Yes!'...and then went into a small panic. What was I thinking...I can't do this?

But Jackie completely reassured that it was going to be a very informal day, and she just wanted casual pics. I must admit that the days that followed, I wrapped my head about how I was going to do this...and then I decided just to do what I normally do, pick up the camera, and try to capture as many moments as possible...

So here are a few of my favourite ones...
I absolutely loved taking these pics {let me tell you it's hard work}...but what I loved more, was being able to be at this most special wedding. It wasn't about the dress, or the venue...it wasn't about the bridesmaids, or the decorations...it was just about two people committing the lives together, in front of God and the people that mean the most to them. It was simply beautiful.
Dear Mike and Jackie, thank you for allowing me to be there, to be part of your day. You have the most awesome family...and the two of you are just incredible. xxx


Tanya said...

These are amazing pics :)

Mrs FF said...

Oh WOW, seriously Hayley are you sure you are not a professional photographer ;-)

The pictures are amazing, beautiful, STUNNING.

PS: I need to ask what camera do you use? And did you do any post processing? I am just in awe!!!

Hayley said...

Thanks guys xxxx

Gina said...

Absolutely stunning :)
Got a huge lump in my throat.
Well done and mazel tov to your friends!

Hayley said...

Thanks Gina :-)

Jenna said...

The pastor marrying them is Trevor! He preaches at our church sometimes and Jurg and I absolutely love him, such a genuinely nice, caring, and humble person :)

Your photos turned out amazing! Would never ever guess it was your first time shooting a wedding. Congrats to your friends :)


Marleen Swart said...

You did a great job regarding the photos you took of her wedding. She is right, you do have a knack for this.
Such an honor to be asked to photograph a wedding.

Unknown said...

Hi Hayley,
You did an awesome job on the photos. I was terrified when my sister asked me to take photos at her vow renewal ... I can't imagine how scary doing a bit 'white affair' would be.

Jacki Hayter said...

Hayley did an amazing job. She captured the essence of our very special day.

Thank you so much, my friend. You are awesome!