22 June, 2012

Scenes from a night of...

When one of our BF's was planning her little girl's birthday party...and the subject of cake pops came up. We quickly volunteered the help of our very own 'Queen of Cake Pops'.

No one I know has even tried to make these little babies, and after Thursday night....I now know why.

Two of us volunteered to help Kerri out, and she worked her magic in the kitchen. While they are not that difficult to make, you have to have everything ready, at the same time, at the same temperature...that's where it gets tricky.

And I know how she hates blowing her own horn...so I am doing it for her...awesome work Kerri. Your cake pops bring all the boys to the yard :-)

And of course, any evening, that involves, a bunch of girls...and cake...always turns out to be a good one.

Thanks Kerri and Taryn...so much fun.

PS. Taryn is our very own Personal Trainer. A Personal Trainer that makes cake pops with you...my kinda trainer ;-)


Anonymous said...

Yikes - I have seen these cake pops in magazines, and it looks difficult! But these look great! Ha ha, wish my personal trainer would bake with me. :)

Laura said...

You may need to post a tutorial! How did you guys get the chocolate so neat?

They look stunning!

Shayne said...

Cake Pops are my least fav thing to make as they are so 'labour intensive'. I had an order for cupcake & flower cake pops for this weekend and it was a complete nightmare. In fact I phoned my client and told her she was getting round ones decorated with a flower. Which were easy compared to the shaped ones!

Well done xx

SallyJ said...

They were awesome!!!!! Well done guys. Mia and I were so so grateful. They were a hit

blackhuff said...

I have never made cake pops before but reading through a couple of cake pops recipes, I can see why they aren't the favorite thing to make.
My hat off to you all.

Bo said...

So since you explained what these were, I've seen them all over Pinterest! Must be the in thing at the mo' and i can see why!

V-n-J said...

they are so good! they first time i made them was for Ria's 1st bday party - and i was up til 2am finishing them. they take so bloody long to finish but they are soooo delish and worth the effort. it gets easier each time. I've figured out a few things that make it easier to make each time.

take a look at her fb page:

she has a lot of pretty ones and definitely has a ton of patience to make them!