02 November, 2011

Online Shopping.

So we've all shopped online...nothing new there. But my latest discovery {thanks to a friend at work}, has to be my new favourite place to shop...

In my freezer, all the way from the Natal  Midlands...is my Christmas Gammon. Yip, all 3kg's of organic, grass eating, happy grazing, fresh from the the farm, pork.
The famous Dargle Valley Pork delivers your orders directly to Joburg...so us city girls, get to enjoy their amazing stuff right here in the city.

Loving online shopping...

If any of you Jozi girls are interested...let me know...they deliver chicken as well.


Shayne said...

Oh divine. Let me tell you the Dargle's pork sausage are THE BEST!

They are friends of my newly married neighbour, we spent a weekend with them sometime ago and boy was the pork on offer too divine for words!


Hayley said...

@Shayne....my friend has been raving about the sausage as well...think I need to order some next time!

MacLeod House said...

That's awesome!

I keep getting asked by moms around here where I'm ordering my meat for Christmas from and I'm like, "Wait - what?" and they're all like, "Yes you have to order NOW for Christmas!" there are all these amazing package deals from just about anywhere with insanely good prices for everything from Turkey/Gammon/lamb packs, and then they throw in all sorts of extras (chocolate/soda/crisps) etc - I haven't even decided on a menu yet, let alone ordered the meat. It seems like everyone else is so *on the ball* with Christmas already, all I've done so far (and heartily patted myself on the back for) has been to get some stocking fillers for everyone.