07 September, 2011

Cutting back.

That’s me…I am cutting back on everything to do with social media…and focussing on the things I love about it.

Over the past few weeks…I have been thinking, not so much about the time I spend on social media, but how a lot of it makes me feel.

Let me explain…

I follow a lot of ‘friends’ on Facebook, who are not actually my friends. And it’s not about whether I have met you in real life or not, it’s whether you actually add something to my life. I have sent people messages over and over again…and no response. Yet, they are constantly claiming how terrible their lives are, on their status updates. I sometimes wonder if it’s not for the attention. But I have now given up on them.

‘Friends’ from school who, lets face it…weren’t my friends back then. ‘Friends’ who have sent me a friend request, yet when I pass them in the shops, don’t greet…huh?

Yet, there are people on there that I have never met…and I feel like they live next door.

So, I am cutting back.

I subscribe to a huge number of blogs. Some I just never ever get to anymore. Some blogs I read, just infuriate me, with their massive generalisations and they have no clue that they are actually insulting people…yet I keep going back…what’s wrong with me? In real life, I would have stopped speaking to this people {…and before anyone asks...it’s none that you know :-)}

So, I am cutting back.

Twitter. Oh how I love Twitter. The instant, real time information is addictive…it makes places like Facebook and news sites seem like they are always five days old. But I have been spending less and less time there. With Twitter, I think you need to take a break every now and then.

So, I am cutting back.

What I have decided to do, is spend more time on this little blog, spend more time on Pinterst and Instagram. Spend more time with the friends on Facebook that matter. At this point in my life these are the places that make me happy.

I am going to be defriending, unsubscribing and logging out over the next few weeks.

It’s time to cut back, and focus on the parts that make me happy.


cat said...

I have to say that I have cut back on twitter hugely - mainly because it was becoming like a constant noise in my head. (But have a look at your DM - I have sent you my contact no so that we can do PTA markets one day)

Of all the social media the blogging world to me is most rewarding. But there I have cut back to the ones I like = and who comment back, even just from time to time. Because friendship cuts both ways.

As to Facebook - mainly the tool to organize our high school reunion - when that is done I am going to hide a lot of old high school people.

Good luck with this - hope I can stay?

MelB said...

Oh man, I hear you. I canned twitter a while ago. While I am sure it's an awesome business tool it added no value to me as a sahm. It's too manic. I find fb great, the pace works for me and I cull regularly for the same reasons u mention. Good luck, it can be quite tough initially, but liberating. I do look forward to more regular posts from you!

{Candice} said...

Hayley, I did this a few months ago for all the reasons you have mentioned and more. It was the best decision I have made in a long time and my life is so much richer for it.
I still follow a few blogs that I really love {yours is one of them} but apart from that I spend very little time on the internet at all.
I cannot even begin to tell you what a difference it has made to my quality of life and peace of mind.
It takes a bit of getting used to but after a couple of weeks of "Facebooklessness" I haven't looked back.
I speak from personal experience when I say it's not a decision you will regret :o)

Hayley said...

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I agree i think i need to do the 'cutting back' thing regularly...

MacLeod House said...

I feel the same way about a lot of what you said, if there is one thing I can't stand, it's folks who are always *moaning* on their status updates it's such a downer! I would also rather have someone like you on there, that I actually have meaningful interactions with, rather than 10 old 'school friends' who I never communicate with. I have to take Twitter in small doses though, because with ADD it's impossible to get anything done if I leave it 'on all day' so I have to get in, and get out, within a set time limit :)

I also avoid blogs that infuriate me consistently, I mean what is the point of reading them if I don't enjoy them?

V-n-J said...

I 100% love this post. I know its different for everyone, but I too have cut back on blogs I read and only keep up with close friends and blogs that I love (yours one of them:).

I never joined twitter for the same reasons you shared and personally don't feel like I am missing out. Have you ever noticed how you can be in a room with people and everyone is on their phone??? I CANNOT stand that.

Social media is great but its made relationships impersonal. In the last few months I have defriended several people on fb (and had a bunch of them re-friend me ... ugh) but I am about to go on another defriending spree!

here's to a clutter free life!

Shayne said...

Hayley, I often have a chuckout in FB. I get so many friend requests and then there is zero interaction - so what is the point? Funnily enought it is mainly from old school friends - and yet even after deleting them they friend request me again!

And i never eally got the hang of twitter.

And blogs - cut back a while ago. there are a few fav's that i read religiously, but there are some that are so mind numbingly boring that i just cannot!

But i do love yours :)

Oh, and let's not even go down the Pinterest rd - hoooked is an understatement!

Jenty said...

Completely understand.
I've just gone through a culling exercise on Twitter, and unfollowed about 100 people that were irritating me and adding no value to my life.
As for blogs, I have a serious problem... everytime I remove about 5 blogs from my reader due to lack of interest or lack of posts, I find a few more...

Julia said...

Totally get this. Have been spending a lot of time off line (to catch up on reading and to finish knitting projects and some other stuff) and it has done me the world of good! I only accept FB friendships if I REALLY want to and I do a twitter cleanup every 2nd week or so. Twitter is still my first love but I have been finding it annoying for the last couple of days so I've hardly been on. Blogs can stay. I've categorised blogs in my GR so if I don't feel like reading any "craft blogs" for example then I just mark as read or save it for when I have a moment.
I really do love your blog and hope to see many more cool posts and pics here...
Oooh...and Pinterest is slowly overtaking twitter as my first love.

Susan said...

I'm with you, Sista! Enough with all the doom and gloom...we need to be uplifted and entertained when we use social media! I did a real 'culling' on Facebook recently, fighting the guilt...'how will this make him feel', 'oh, but you know how sensitive this one is'...but you know what, enough! It's too easy for us to have our brains cluttered with noise and less easy to just...slow...down...

So well done to you for taking that first step!

Unknown said...

Oh, Hayley! I saw your blog title "cutting back" and I thought you weren't going to be blogging. I've been away from my blog for quite a while (multiple reasons) and it's been so lovely to read your blogs again. I totally agree with you about fb (those sad sallys get me so cross). I deleted my account on the weekend and feel quite liberated! You've totally got the right idea about time with family and the people who are important to you. Do what makes you feel right.

Roz said...

Wow, so apt for where I find myself in my life right now! In my couching session on Monday, the thing we focussed on was time management...and out if it came a huge realisation for me...I waste HUGE amounts of time on FB and Twitter! So, I have committed to checking FB and Twitter once a week and let me tell you this...I have hardly missed it!!! Yay to less FB and Twitter and all the 'admin' that comes with it!

blackhuff said...

I get what you say. Sometimes it is something one need to do - social networks is stressful as it is and being "friends" to be you do not connect to, is something you need to remove from your life.
I too have done this - Twitter is something I canned more than a year ago as it took up too much time in my daily routine at work and home.

Ordinarylife said...

I have also cut back on the social media thing - especially Facebook. My poor blog also seems to be suffering, but it is the one I enjoy the most.

I have also defriended quite a few people. If I never see them, hear from them or just dont' like what they are saying.

Paula Ferrao Lopes said...

are you spring cleaning your life? love it - but please dont donate me to the slavation army, not just yet!!

Joanne said...

You go girl but stay with me x

I'm so not a blogger said...

so agree with you, but I have to admit to being fairly unfazed with 'social media' im on twitter but dont really go on, if you know what i mean? facebook is still my fave but not for hours at a time and if i have something id like to share;-) as for blogs, i stopped blogging as i just felt that i had too much going on in my life which i 'couldnt' really talk about.

Kirsty said...

Oooh - this has struck a chord with me. I loathe the moaners on FB. Need to unfriend a lot of people.
I have never gone on twitter.
I am feeling very out of touch in blogland
I dont understand pinterest. Maybe you can help? I just dont get it.
I think I need a sabbatical from all of this too. :0)

karen lamb said...

Please keep me, yours is one of the blogs on my daily to do ...

Regards from Table Mountain, Cape Town :-)

Lynette Jacobs said...

I also never went down the Twitter lane...and Facebook bores me;-)

I hope I am staying:-)