15 May, 2011

A Sunday catch up.

So now that I am finally done uploading the last of our anniversary photos...normal blogging can resume...so whats been a happening?

This weekend was a quiet one. TF is away for a few days for work, so I am home alone. As usual I had million things planned to do around the house...and I got just one ticked off the list. I literally did not move from the couch...and I plan to go back there once this post is done. I am missing him...he needs to come home now.

Work is busy. I am working on two national campaigns that are about to launch, so its busy, very busy. But I am loving it at the moment.

My photography course is going well, really well. I have learnt such a lot. I am now just trying to process it all. I think it will be a while till I fully 'get it'. I think you need to practice, practice, practice.

I am busy rethinking this little blog of mine...thinking of reformatting it and changing it up a bit...busy working on a  structure of sorts...but that could take a while.

It's a big week here in SA...election week. I love politics...I get very excited during times like this. Cannot wait to go an vote. 

And that's it really...for now...off to go an watch American Idol...even though I know who has left...and I am so not happy  about it....America, you and I need to have a little chat...

Have a fabulous week everyone.


cat said...

I was also alone for the weekend - sadly, with the kids, it is rather exhausting. Have a good one!

Janet said...

I have taken a couple of days leave, so it's a "voting week" for me! I am so looking forward to just chilling for a couple of days!

Shayne said...

Love weekends like yours - don't often have them tho.

Yay to exciting stuff at work - makes it all worth while x

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I'm looking forward to my HOLIDAY on Wed :)

YOur weekend sounds just divine! Bliss.

Jeanette Verster said...

Glad you're enjoying your course. You're right about the practise

Lynette Jacobs said...

I have been practising making my cross all week...can't wait;-)

Fiona said...

I have a friend doing the photography course at Vega full time and she says she is learning alot too. I would love to do the evening course....I'm going to put it on my bucket list for next year :)

Happy voting today!!!

blackhuff said...

A new look for your space, how cool. Not that there is anything wrong with the current one. I like the current one because it is light on the eye.