18 April, 2011

Sticking to our plans.

So remember our change of plans?

Well, after spending hours trying to sort out flights from Auckland to Johannesburg...we are reverting back to our original plan.

Seriously, there are plenty of flights to Auckland...just none coming back to Joburg, completely full..and I thought it was supposed to be the other way round? Anyway, it was just not happening. So after a quick discussion, TF and I decided to rather stick with our original plan.

So come January, we will be heading to the City of Sails....and as an added bonus we will be stopping off in Hong Kong...for a few days. Hong Kong people! Both TF and I have never been to the East.

I am a little disappointed that we wont be spending the time here, but those plans have been put on hold till the end of 2012. And also, it means, missing a Christmas with the family here....but as usual they have totally understood, and we all know, there are a life time of Christmas' still to come.

We are beyond excited...I have been literally skipping through the house...

...and now TF are anxiously waiting for 20h00....it will be 06h00 in NZ....that's when we are going to call my sister-in-law and give her the news....if you hear a distant scream...you'll know what it's about.

Auckland, Hong Kong....here we come!


Shayne said...

Oh my goodness, how exciting.

I shall listen for the screams of delight!

I'm hoping to make a trip to Oz next year too - fingers crossed see?

Laura said...

Super awesome!!!

Hong Kong does sound great!

cat said...

Yeah! I am sure you are going to enjoy it.

MelB said...

Wonderful! I had the opp to go to Hong Kong a few years back when my man went over for a business trip and I said no...what the heck was I thinking eh?

Melany said...

That's great!!! Sounds very exciting :)

Lynette Jacobs said...

Do you think that perhaps..ummmm....I would fit into your suitcase?