02 March, 2011


Yes, it’s been a while. So many things have been happening….mainly house stuff though. So here is a quick update….

We are LOVING our house…but that’s a whole blog post on it’s own.

We are still unpacking…and no doubt, will be for a while.

It seriously feels like Christmas for us. Some of our boxes haven’t been opened in two years, so we are discovering stuff we had completely forgotten about. And of course realising how much stuff we don’t need. Needless to say…we have been throwing out so much stuff.

While unpacking, I have found three sets of my Weight Watcher books…I am taking it as a sign…a big one.

I am totally and madly in love with our domestic helper…yes I know that sounds completely strange…but over the last two weeks she has proven that she is worth her weight in gold, if not more.

In the last month, I have dealt with two sets of lawyers, one bank, a moving company, Telkom, have paid numerous visits to our local municipality, dealt directly with our local electricity department…and in every single instance…the service has been exceptional, not just good, exceptional…touch wood

Our new neighbours welcomed us into the new neighbourhood, by bringing around a little gift…so sweet.

I took two days leave this week…and it was so worth it. I feel like I have been off for two weeks. Need to do that more often.
And as much as I loved the time off, I realised again, that I love to work. I think it’s good for me.

Autumn is definitely around the corner…I can feel it getting slightly cooler in the mornings and evenings…so looking forward to coats, scarves, soup and all things winter.

And that’s about it really…life at the moment is busy, and good…very good.


blackhuff said...

Sjoe, your life does sound if it have been pretty hectic.
I so know that feeling of opening boxes after a couple of years - feels just like Christmas :)

Cate said...

Enjoy your unpacking - it's fun to re-discover old treasures!

Mornings and evenings definitely have a nip in them over here too. I'm completely with you on the scarves and jackets bit!

Shayne said...

I just love the long cuddly jerseys and am dying to get one of the knitted scarves that woolies has - have you seen them. Lacy and pretty.

So nice to be discovering old treasures. Not sure that Weight Watchers books fall into that category tho :)

cat said...

You are really sounding so well! Enjoy your new home.

Lynette Jacobs said...

You are sounding so content Hayley. Seems your new home is your "happy" place. I know just what you mean about being in love with your domestic worker...mine was on holiday for 2 weeks and I nearly kissed her when she returned on Monday.

Happy day.

Kirsty said...

Can't WAIT to see pics of your house once you've unpacked.... no pressure ;)