14 January, 2011


Seriously...you guys are the best...after this post I got so many messages asking if everything was alright...you guys rock, thank you so much.

Things are good, very good...and I am hoping it gets better next week. Me and the husband are working on something, that we hope will come through next week. It's really exciting  for TF and I...just praying it all works out.

Other than that....

Work seems to be back to normal, and so is the darn traffic. Some time this year the final phase of the Gautrain should be up and running...it cannot come soon enough.

My little nephew started Big School on Wednesday. He was so excited....how cute is he? That bag is almost as big as him...such a proud Aunty I am.

We celebrated my Mom's birthday on Tuesday.

And that's about it for now...will be popping in at all your blogs over the next few days...see you there...


Shayne said...

Such exciting stuff - pls let me know asap!

Any more thoughts on the camera bag?

How cute is that nephew of yours?

Glad you're back xx

cat said...

He looks so cute!

Charmaine T said...

AHHHHH! He is soooo cute man!

Praying all your ventures will be working out just as you guys want them to!

brigitte said...

ooooooooooooooooh, i am so inquisitive now. what ever it is, i hope it works out!!! good luck!

MomAgain@40 said...

Back to reality with work and traffic... Yay! ;-)
Nephew is super cute!
Thumbs for new ventures! :D