04 January, 2011

Small steps.

So remember I said that I had very little new year resolutions...but it was all about getting organised? Well so far so good...

I am hoping that these little things, will have bigger benefits...so over the past few days...I have managed to:
1) Sort out my shopping bags. When the law changed a good few years back about paying for plastic bags, I was its biggest advocate. But over the years, I seem to have gone back to my old habit of buying plastic bags. Mainly because I always leave the others behind. So now, I have restocked, and they have a special place right next to my car keys.
Hoping they will save me a few cents in the long run as well.
2) The Christmas tree is in the process of coming down. All the other decorations are already packed away. Thanks to my Mom, the Christmas tree will now be stored in this Tree Keeper from Makro. It's a bag specifically designed for Christmas trees, and can store one up to 9ft...for R49.00, it's a winner. No more trying to stuff the poor tree into its original box...it ain't gonna happen.
3) All the Christmas wrapping paper, scissors, ribbon, tape has been neatly packed away in one place...for easy access.
4) I have started updating my birthday calendar, which hangs on the fridge. In fact it's been there for over a year now and never used.
5) I'm horrible when it comes to all that make-up removal, toning and moisturising business {I know, I know...}, so I have now placed my moisturiser {and mouth guard} right next to bed...so I don't forget.
6) Every night before bed, the lunch boxes and stuff are placed out on the counter...even if it saves me a few seconds in the morning, it all adds up. Oh, and not only do I save heaps of money, by taking my own lunch, it's a hell of a lot healthier.
7) I am combining my work and personal to-do list into one. The hubby and I both got each other moleskin diaries for work, so I am using mine for everything...work and home stuff...

Not bad hey? Going back to basics...and hoping that these small little things help in big ways...

Do you have any small things that help you stay organised...this girl could sure do with some tips...


Jeanette Verster said...

Oh wow!! I want that tree keeper!! It's so cool!

Ordinarylife said...

Sounds great!
I also got a Moleskin Diary. I had one last year and loved it so asked for another this year. It is for personal stuff though, I have a work diary as well. I should really combine the two.

I am also shocking about make up, moisturiser.... BAD!

Good luck with this.

Unknown said...

Excellent organisation 101 post. My tip for you is whiteboards (or I'm sure blackboards would work just as well). We have one in our study and one in the kitchen and it helps us to keep track of what needs to be done (like shopping, phonecalls, appointments and DIY jobs). I also have a large pinboard on the wall by my desk to post notices/reminders/inspirational stuff. Just keep up with what you are doing and you can give yourself a pat on the back. Thanks for your tip about the tree keeper.

Shayne said...

Wow, you certainly are getting organised, good on you!

My tip? Hmmm, I always tidy the lounge at night before we go to bed, ie straighten cushions, fold up blankies, put mags away etc etc, so that in the morning it is one less thing to do and also i don't have to see a messy lounge first thing.

Also, try and plan your meals weekly. That way you don't have to shop everyday en-route from work. Just a rough idea - you don't have to write it in stone, but then at least you have most of the stuff you need.

Now - any tips on losing weight dear?

Cate said...

Way to go girl!

This isn't the most glamourous idea, but for the past few years, I've used a large year-at-a-glance planner which are normally used in offices and put it on the wall for the family. It has worked really well, giving us a good over-view of the entire year.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Do you read my organising blog? Email me if you don't and i'll send you the link.

LOVE the pics on this post - so pretty.

Cat told me about a week at a glance moleskin diary and while they're not the prettiest things around (I like pretty), I've had it since July (treated myself at the airport on a speaking trip) and it's fabulous. appts on left, and a page of to-dos on right.

I need to jazz up the cover though because boring black just doesn't do it for me - any ideas?

LoVE the tree cover!!! And the skincare thing is on my 36 things list - let's hold each other accountable because I still haven't started *ahem*. I also use olay.

oh, about the shopping bags - I keep two permanently in my boot (and told D to do the same - he is the plastic culprit). We never go grocery shopping without our stash though, it's the spontaneous trips that are a mission.

I now also bought some baggu bags - they are GORGEOUS and have one of those in my handbag - permanently.

cat said...

Oh you have the same goal I have for the year! Good luck! I use the same moleskine Marcia does - a week view on the left and notes on the right.

Laura said...


Thats a brilliant start!

Ness at Drovers Run said...

That's great! I kept our tree's "box" that it came in (little white tree this year) and will be folding it up and putting it back in safe and sound for shipping, and next Christmas ultimately. Boy oh boy do I hear you about the toning moisturizing thing. I am *really* trying to be good about that. I must admit - getting new moisturizer really helps with that. I find I need a much lighter moisturizer in the summer, and for me this summer that's some or other nivea cucumber and ginseng thing. I save the clinique for winter - because otherwise I'm sweating seconds after putting it on.

I love moleskin diaries, but I find I operate much better by using electronic means. Which means "Things" on my Mac - which I can synch with iCal - which i can synch with my blackberry. Granted - I don't often synch, but then I'm usually in front of my mac for most of the day anyway.

clare said...

I am with Shayne on the lounge tidy before going to bed and carry over your items on your to-do-list everyday and those that stay on for ages delete they are not worth doing! Oh and I even put out the coffee cups for the morning all done except for the milk and make sure there is water in the kettle - do you think I may have ocd?

Kirsty said...

ooo - organised.com I think.
I can't offer any tips, cos I am unorganised.com!!!
But thanks to you - I am now hopefully not going to forget my shopping bags either... am putting them next to my keys :0)

Ella Swan said...

Congrats Hayley - i love being organised - it makes my life so much easier. Once you get into the habit it's not hard to maintain. For my wardrobe I keep all my clothes on white plastic hangers, facing the same direction, and colour code them from white through to black - makes it so much easier to just grab & go. And I keep my spunbond grocery bags in my boot so I always have them when I grocery shop. One diary for everything is definitely the only way to go & I use my blackberry organiser a lot to remind me of appointments 24 hours in advance. With four kids in a small house if I wasn't organised it would be mayhem.

MelB said...

Awesome post. Unfortunately I am with Kirsty. :-(

I would love to be more organised - I do have stellar moments which I usually document! On the whole though I am more a whirlwind kind of girl BUT I will never give up the fight! ;-)

blackhuff said...

I understand why they make us pay for plastic bags = saving environment but I still pay for shopping bags because I reuse them only once for stuff like nappies or any other trash. And I'm sure I'm not the only one doing this, so what does this help now for the environment and trying to prevent the fact by letting us pay for the bags?