13 January, 2011

Loving snail mail.

I was reading another blog earlier today and she spoke about having a good mail day...and we've been having a few good mail days around these parts too.

Is there nothing better than getting good 'ol fashioned mail in the post...like with stamps and everything?

It started just after Christmas...when I received a letter and a parcel on the same day. One was the most beautiful handmade Christmas Card from Lynette. Is there anything better than getting a handmade gift...you know its just being done with love.
Lynette, thank you SO much for the card, I still have it and will keep it.

I received my parcel from Shayne. She ordered some Christmas decorations for me, and kindly sent them up to Joburg. But Shayne went and added in two extra special wooden angels as a surprise...
Thank you so much Shayne...we seriously would be besties in real life...we are so much a like it's not even funny.

And then this arrived last week...
A Christmas card from Ness and her family. I must be honest I was dying for this card to arrive. Ness ordered it through Shutterfly and I was dying to see how they came out. It of course was perfect.

Thank you so much Ness, you and Lynette have both gotten my all inspired for my Christmas cards this year...as you can see it's in prime position on my fridge and is still there.

And then the big one...the one me and TF have been waiting for since we placed the order.
Yip our Kindles arrived today! We ordered them in December, but they were out of stock, so they were only dispatched on Monday and they arrived in SA this morning...amazing!

We are so excited...cannot wait start using it...especially with me using the train to work this year, this going to make the commute even more awesome.

I am seriously loving good 'ol fashioned snail mail.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Snail mail is THE BEST.

And your fridge is very clean :)

How are you enjoying the Kindle? I keep thinking and then I think no, I like to touch real books :)

p.s. we went to that place you recommended, piza e vino in melrose on monday

Shayne said...

Oh you're right - we are SO alike. Snail mail to be is the best thing in the whole world!

When I got Lynette's card, I started crying. It was so beautiful. As for Ness', well, would you expect anything less from her?

But now I want to know how you ordered from Amazon??? I tried and they said they would not deliver to SA? How did you get it right, please tell me.

You must be so excited about the Kindle. Although I kinda like the whole page turning thing.


Tanya said...

I was just telling my daughter how we used to have "pen pals" as friends and we used to post letters....and wait a few weeks to get one back :) she was like "whaaaaat....no email?" - she is 8!!! bwhahaha. Lovely post!

Unknown said...

Love getting snail mail that isn't a bill!
Can't share your kindle excitement, I love everything about books too much.
I'm sure I'll cave eventually but I'm holding out for as long as I can!

Lynette Jacobs said...

I also ordered something through Amazon and they responded that they don't ship to South Africa...how did you do it?

As for the card my darling friend...I previously told you that you will NEVER realise just how much a treasure some of my blog buddies!

Much love

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Oh hey - there's ME! :)

Glad you liked the card! I sent one to myself so that I could check out the quality myself too - I'm really impressed. The printing was very good, even though I used quite low-res photos for the collagey bit.

The coolest thing with them - is that they drop ship - i.e. send out the cards direct to my address book recipients - otherwise you guys might have only gotten the card sometime in March, lol.

Definitely using them again this year for our change of address cards (when we have a 'different country' to put at the bottom) and for Xmas again. I'm sure I can think up a few more reasons to order more cards - I love them :)

Ness at Drovers Run said...

As for the amazon question that a few of your readers asked about...here's the lowdown.

They will ship books, and the kindle. Occasionally they will ship DVD's but it depends which production house produced it. When you look at a product's page, it will always tell you whether or not it will ship outside of the USA. Unfortunately for Saffers -usually only Books, the kindle and the occasional DVD. Otherwise you have to bounce it through a kind obliging friend in the USA who will re-post it for you.

Hayley said...

What Ness said :-)

Unknown said...

All you guys wanting to buy from Amazon... I have a little tip for you... My husband uses www.take2.co.za to buy things that we've seen on Amazon. Take2 appears to get the stock from Amazon (or elsewhere overseas) but obviously being in SA, you only pay the product price and the postage (no customs duties and additional VAT because that's all handled by Take2). They are super reliable and send you updates and waybill numbers just the same as Amazon do.

Roz said...

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE snail mail! I wish more people sent 'real' Christmas cards and not electronic ones!

I am dying to buy something from Amazon but it also said that they don't ship to SA...mmmm, going to try Heather's suggestion!


Jeanette Verster said...

LOVE Ness' card. I really need to order stuff from overseas again.
so jealous of your kindles too!