29 December, 2010

Another night on the town.

So with Christmas being over and us being back in good ol' Joburg, we were determined not to let the holiday spirit die...so we decided to brave the scorching heat yesterday afternoon {it was something like 27 degrees at 17h00 yesterday afternoon, with not a thunderstorm in sight}...and celebrate the last of our Christmas in the City adventures.

Now casinos are NOT my favourite place in the world, but we've been hearing a million awesome things about the new bookshop at Monte Casino. And the fact that they sold Starbucks there...sealed the deal {yes, we are still very excited about Starbucks being in SA}.

Skoobs is a really awesome bookshop...we spent some time, browsing the shop and of course stopping for coffee...
I must admit, as much as I hate casino's...every single time we go to Monte, we have such a good time...I know it's completely over done, and over the top...but it's just so much fun there.
We then headed off to the square for dinner, to see the lights and the musical fountain...
Good food, great friends...in this city that we call home...that might not be perfect, but darn...it's so much fun!


Shayne said...

Looking at your pics makes me think of me taking my pictures - i'm never in them, but there are a million of everyone and everything else. Because i simply cannot leave my camera alone!!

love the angles that you've taken from.

looks like a divine evening out.

and yay to starbucks!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are exquisite and you are just as gorgeous yourself! Glad I connected to you through the blogosphere! x