26 November, 2010

Panto time.

The annual pantomime at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre is an institution in Joburg. My parents have been taking us there since we were little girls, and we have been going every year...and for our family it signals the start of the Christmas Season.

This year it was Robinson Crusoe & the Caribbean Pirates. And as usual Janice Honeyman out does herself.
The sets and costumes where amazing, they seem to get better and bigger each year...and we laughed from the moment we sat down. For those of you in Joburg, you must make a plan to go and see it. And I believe there is talk that they want to take it to Cape Town from next year...lets hope so. It is so worthwhile.
The Panto has really become a Christmas tradition in our family...and seeing the pure joy on my nephews face, I know its a tradition that will last forever.


Wenchy said...

we going next week!

blackhuff said...

I did not even know about this. Gonna definitely look into this. This look cool. Thank you for sharing.

Shayne said...

Wish we had this in EL. But i think we have some Christmas goodness happening at our local theatre in EL, so going to investigate.

I'm sure I saw that the Nutcracker was on in Joburg too?