04 November, 2010

My own cookbook challenge.

I love cookbooks. I could spend hours paging through them...and if you want to make my day...buy me a cookbook. I have my favourites...but really any cookbook will do.

There's just one...teeny...tiny...small...problem....I NEVER USE THEM!

In fact I cant recall, making one meal out of my many cookbooks. But they do look so pretty on the kitchen shelf...and I do love them.

Which brings to me Saturday. I was flipping through the channels, and came across one of my all time favourite movies, Julie & Julia. How perfect is that movie...its has...food, blogging, New York, cookbooks, America, France all rolled into one movie...all of my favourite things.

And it got me thinking...as well as a little nagging from the husband...who cannot for the life of him understand how come I have never used a single recipe...men!...that maybe I should create a little challenge for myself.

So this is it. I don't have a deadline...my only rule is that I have to make at least one new recipe from any of my cookbooks, a week. It can be a main meal, or just a side dish...whatever...as long as I use my cookbooks, or one of my hundred Food & Home magazines,  at least once a week. And then I am going to blog about it.

What do you think....I think that's do-able hey?

So my own cookbook challenge starts next week...wish me and my ever-increasing waist line luck!


Lynette Jacobs said...

That is totally do-able! You might even be bitten by the bug;-D I love my Ina Paarman recipe books...so simple and easy and tasty.

brigitte said...

good luck with the challenge, sounds like fun!

cat said...

Oh yeah, that is going to be wonderful! I did a new recipe per week a couple of years ago (before blog life) and it was such fun.

Looking forward to your challenge - and I do love that movie.

Betty Bake said...

oh that is such a cool challenge :)

and I totally love Julie and Julia :) it is a rocking movie!

I look forward to reading and seeing your recipe posts :) yay!

Betty Bake Blog

FarmGirl said...

Cool idea!
Do it.

Laura said...

What an awesome idea! I would love more cookbooks :)

You are going to have to share with us!

Heather said...

Great idea!

Shayne said...

Fabulous idea!

I too, have a million cookbooks, but i have used some of them!

Have you seen that Nigella has a new one out? Nigella's Kitchen? Dead keen to add that to my Christmas Wish List.

I got Rachels Food last Christmas, and haven't used it yet (so you're not the only one!)

Pamela said...

A very good idea - I am exactly the same. I have had a subscription for Food and Home for so many years and never cook from the recipes or from one of my MANY cook books. I think I should also set this challenge.

I watch Julie and Julia this weekend. Wow, I dont' think I could go to such extremes though.