08 November, 2010

My Creative Space.

Last...but certainly not least in Betty Bakes blog link up...is without a doubt one of my all time favourite bloggers...

My Creative Space

Now the thing with Shayne is, is that she in fact has three blogs {well one is a very yummy website}. One is private, one will make you want to eat the screen, and one is, My Creative Space..where she captures the most amazing images of her day-to-day life.

Now if you can wangle your way on to her private blog {tell her I sent you...} you will really get to know why I love all her blogs so much.

Not only is she living a perfect life in the country, she has the most beautiful daughters, lives in the province of my birth...where a little part of my heart will always be, is a great mom and wife, bakes the most incredible cakes, currently creating  her own little catering empire...and is just down right just an awesome woman!

You must pop over and say hi!

Shayne, thanks becoming a great blogging friend.

PS. Part one and two of Betty Bakes' blog link up.


Shayne said...


Your post gave me goosies! Thank you for the most awesome post about me - not sure if i really am all those things you say, but thank you.

And yes, my blog is private (really to protect me against people who KNOW me) but I am very open to new bloggy pals.

So mail me :)

Betty Bake said...

yet another great blog it forward post :) well done hayley :)
and yes shayne's blogs are delicious and lovely

Betty Bake

Lynette Jacobs said...

I love these blog reveals...and I love Shayne...she has become a wonderful "in real life" friend.

cat said...

My dear friend Shayne .