07 November, 2010

Life with Luca.

A few weeks back the lovely Betty Bake came up with a genius idea of a blogger link up. I was dead keen to take part, mainly so that I can discover new blogs...I love it.

As part of the link up, those that took part, were grouped into groups of four, and the idea is that you feature the other three blogs on your blog...you get the idea.

Lucky me...I got grouped together with such awesome bloggers. So with out further adieu...here is blog number one.

Life with Luca.

I have been spending the last week, taking my time, and 'paging' though some past posts of Nicki's blog. And I love it...she started her blog for pretty much the same reason I did, just to keep track of life really. She has the most beautiful family, and takes the most gorgeous photos {just love them Nicki}. Of all the posts, I have read...this one has to be my favourite.
Oh, and on top of me discovering her blog, we are now facebook and twitter friends. We even have a mutual friend on facebook, which means we have probably passed each other in real life too. Small, small world.

Love your blog Nicki, and cannot wait to read more.

Please pop over and say hi...

Thanks Betty for such a great idea. Blogger two and three coming up soon...


Anonymous said...

Oh my - thank you Hayley! I feel that my post on your blog just pales in comparison ... thank you x

Shayne said...

Gosh, must do mine!

She does have a lovely blog - i have to agree there.

Lynette Jacobs said...

It is always fun to read new bloggers...I will go and check this one out.

Betty Bake said...

:) nice blog post - well done :)
very nice

Betty Bake