24 November, 2010


I am a massive fan of Cooked and Justin Bonello. TF and I have been following the show since it started...it is without a doubt my favourite cooking show ever. And the fact that it's South African, just makes it even better.

For those that don't follow it, you can catch the show on BBC Lifestyle. Season 5 has just started and is brilliant and completely fascinating, as well as just beautifully produced.

For Christmas 2008 I got his first book, and I have been eagerly waiting for the next one. And this is where my amazing husband comes in. Last week Wednesday, I get an sms telling me to check his latest Twitter update...
And there is a photo of my husband and the man himself Justin Bonello...I screamed like a little girl {that's how much I love him...Justin that is!}

Please excuse the quality of the pic...it was dodgy cell phone one.
My husband had made his way to one of Justin's book signings and gotten an autographed copy of his latest book for me.
It reads: Dear Hayley, Thanks for the brilliant support. Your hubby says that you both have been supporting me since year dot. Lekker ne. All the best, Justin Bonello
*insert teenage scream here*
How unbelievable awesome is my husband! He couldn't wait till Christmas, so I have an early Christmas present already.
If you guys haven't seen any of his shows, you so need to...a really, really great show!

Thanks for the most perfect present Sweetie...love it!


Shayne said...

How stunning!

Yes, I love him too. THis book is def on my Christmas list.

SO - when are we going to see the next recipe you've made?? HOpefully from this gorgeous man's book!

Ness said...

Hah - I had a good chuckle at your "insert teenage scream here" - I do enjoy his shows - but I find that the marketing campaign with him and Bill Granger a bit *overdone*. I like them both - but the marketing is not subtle in its barrage.

Lynette Jacobs said...

I must admit that I don't know him at all. Your husband in awesome to get you a autographed copy...and what a wonderful message to you.


brigitte said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, that is so sweet.

such a lucky lady you are!

Unknown said...

Aw so lucky! I watched the first 2 seasons in SA but never been able to catch him in UK or OZ... think I may bombard them with email requests.
So is the book as good as the last one?

Ordinarylife said...

Oh my word - how awesome!!! We are also huge fans. My hubby was given his first book for Christmas last year. Love it.

Lipgloss Ninja said...

Obviously you KNOW i have never heard of him but your enthusiasm is catchy so I will look out for his show.

Your man is so thoughtful - you must keep him. ;-)

MomAgain@40 said...

Awesome hubby!
Fab show!
You lucky fish! :D

Joanne said...

As you may know I am also a celeb foodie fan but unfortunately I like Lynette just dont get this guy, admittedly I have never seen any of his books but his show that I watch I wanted to just hit him with a CLEAN tea towel because it all looked so dirty? I must be wrong though judging by the comments. x