13 November, 2010

Christmas in the City.

It's the start of the silly season...and oh how I love it! 

TF and I will be spending most of this season at home in Jozi, and so will the BF's, so we have decided to make the most of it. We have called it..."Christmas in the City"...yes we are that lame. 

The plan is embrace everything we love in this city, and pretend like we are on holiday, do stuff and go to places we haven't been.

So we kicked off our season with dinner at Rich. We've been dying to go there, and Bedford Square is amazing at night.
So, here's to friends, new places and too the best season of all...cannot wait!


Lynette Jacobs said...

Great idea...I love the photos.

Dawn said...

Hi! Came over from Shayne's post today....looks like you do an amazing job of journaling your life...and all that is in between:))
Love your photos, and your love for life and all that is in it really comes through:)
Have a wonderful weekend:))
hugs from Canada

Shayne said...

Oh, divine idea!

Guess what I did today - went shopping for yet more Christmas goodies - at my fav little shop!

And got your JOY blocks too - will post on Monday.

So guess what we're doing tom? Yup - starting to put out Christmas decorations - SOOOO exciting!

Truchen said...

Oh, what a fun idea. I am sure you guys are going to have soooo much fun - just because you have such great attitude and company to share this festive season with.
Gosh, cant believe its less that 6 weeks before Christmas!

Stefanie said...

Hello, I am visiting you from Shayne's blog today. Lovely to visit your corner of blogland.

Lesley said...

Found it so interesting seeing my neighbourhood through somebody elses eyes. It looks totally different and special. Great

cat said...

Do come to Pretoria in December and drive Lawley street in Waterkloof (then go for early dinner at Isabellas just around the corner.)

Laura said...

We are doing this this year :)

Christmas in the City and I am actually excited! There is so much to do locally that we just never get to!

V-n-J said...

hayley - I peek into your blog every so often (I dont even know how I found it but it might have been around the world cup time or earlier) and I have loved reading your entries. more than anything it just keeps me close to home (even tho its jhb and not durbs!) thanks for always sharing sweet thoughts and sentiments about SA ... I miss my home tons. you guys enjoy the summer!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

oh wow, are we on the same side of the world (Bedford) or did you just come to the restaurant? Thanks - we will try it too.