08 November, 2010


This is part two of Betty Bake's fabulous blog link up.


The fourth member of our group is Babylicious....don't you just love that name? Unfortunately...well actually fortunately Babylicious is expecting a new little one, and is not feeling so well, so she has opted out of this blog link up, and is taking a break from blogging for a while.

But after reading her blog, I could not just leave her out. It's so my kind of blog...I could spend hours reading it, so creative! And on top of it she has a shop...selling the cutest things.

Wishing her well, and hope that she gets back to blogging soon.

PS. Part one of Betty's blog link up is here.

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hi hayley ur such a sweetie... thanks for mentioning babylicious in your post (eventhough i had to opt out this round)... indeed a privilege to be featured in your lovely blog.
so looking forward to getting better soon so tt i could make mention of you in my next post & start blogging again.
thanks again for putting a smile into my day ;)

till then take good care & keep up the great posts!