03 November, 2010


....to these....

Woolworths Seasonal Vegetable Crisps.

I know these have been on the shelves at Woolies for like...forever...but right now I.CANNOT.STOP.eating them.
I have been through two bags in two days...and they are not cheap folks

And you know, me and vegetable are not friends...so I am convincing myself that because these are actually vegetables, its okay....and doing a fine job of it.

They are just so darn good...I am eating some as I type this....help!


Shayne said...

Oh i love them too. Especially the beetroot crisps.

And no, unfortunately even tho they are veges they are SO NOT HEALTHY!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Haha...and I wanted to say "It is veggies so it is good for you." Come on Shayne humour us. I am also crazy about those veggie crisps.

Kirsty said...

Ditto!! And double ditto Shayne - it's the beetroot ones that are king!
And - of COURSE they are healthy! They're veggies, dammit ;-)