07 October, 2010

Joy.Joy. Joy.

The summer rains have finally arrived in Jozi!

And I am sure the rest of South Africa and the world are thinking we are completely mad for getting so excited over a few raindrops?

The thing is...in Joburg, our winters are dry...very dry. And I will be the first to admit that Joburg is not the prettiest city in the world, and the winters we have make her even uglier.

But oh my...come Spring and Summer, now that is when Jozi comes alive. Everything turns green over night, the dust and dirt is literally washed away...all we need are the Summer rains...

And today we finally  got our first raindrops...and Mother Nature threw in some thunder and lightening just to welcome her back.

We are celebrating! Hello Summer!


Shayne said...

We had a wonderful thunderstorm this arvi with loud thunder and masses of lightning - but only about 3 mm of rain! 3mm is better than nothing tho.

I just love the freshness and greenness after the rains!

Unknown said...

Nothing quite like a highveld storm!

brigitte said...


Tamara said...

We didn't get rain. We got flippin massive hail!

Lynette Jacobs said...

I love the rain...and we need it so badly in the East Cape.