12 October, 2010

I want!

A while back, I mentioned that we had gotten ourselves a new camera, and here she is...

I am in love with her. I haven't figured out how to work her properly....I am currently only using the automatic settings {Yes... Cat, Lynette, Shayne, Ness...I can hear you banging your head against the computer}...but I am learning...slowly.

Anyway, I have been carrying her around in the normal camera bag...which lets face it...is not pretty. And ever since I saw this post on Blue-Eyed Bride...I have been dying for one of these...

Seriously? Is this not the most perfect camera bag...love, love, love it. It's from Kelly Moore.

Then out of the blue yesterday, Jenty posted a link on facebook, about winning one. Which of course is totally a sign, that this is mine...I mean what are the odds? So, of course, I am NOT encouraging any of you to enter...I am just posting this to show off my new future camera bag ;-)

She's lovely hey?


Truchen said...

Sooo jealous of your new camera :-)
A good camera and photography classes is def on my "want" list for christmas!
Oh, and the bag is sooo clever and pretty!
Love it!
Cant wait for all the pretty pics you'll post and good luck with winning that bag - will hold thumbs for you!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Great camera my friend, and the bag...to die for! Now give yourself the best gift ever and go on a course...it is SO worth it and you will never want to use AUTO again.


Ness at Drovers Run said...

Hey - I also started out by shooting on 'sports action' setting for nearly everything. Then I started shooting on Aperture priority (AV) mode for *ever* even now - that's usually my go to mode if I'm going for a nice portrait with beautiful bokeh. Only when the light is perfect, and I have time to fiddle around do I stretch myself and go on pure manual. So there, see? Not so bad afterall!! (the first shots I actually sold to clients were on that Sports Action auto-setting...shhhh) (okay they were actually sports action shots!)

Shayne said...

Oh oh oh, i want one too! How completely gorgeous is that bag? Love it.

Don't panic too much about using auto right now - until you know a little bit more it is definately the easiest setting fuss free. Do yourself a favour and go on a course tho.

oh btw, mail me if you want the letter blocks - R80 for the set.

brigitte said...

awesome camera! i also want. corne was in dublin last week, he looked around to see if they were cheaper that side, BUT they not :-(

good luck with the competition! hope it is yours, its meant to be.

Tamara said...

LOVE it! As everyone else has said, it's def worth doing a course.

Lynette Jacobs said...

It is all your fault of course;-D I just could not get this bag out of my head...and I NEED one...so I put in my order for one this morning.

Janet said...

What a stunning bag! Good luck! Hope you win it! :)