15 September, 2010

A magical week in the mountains.

How bored are you? I finally managed to sort out our photo's from our week in the Drakensburg. So if you have absolutely nothing to do...here are a lot of photos...you have been warned!

Thanks to my awesome parents, we got to spend a week at the Drakensburg Sun. We hadn't been to the Burg in many years, so we were so excited to get there. I booked in late August, hoping to catch the last cold winter snap, and try and get some snow...but no such luck.

The best thing about it...is that there is very little to do, except relax, and take in the magnificent scenery.

We explored. We shopped. We laughed.
We ate. We drank far too much. We spent a day in the Midlands Meander....where we had the perfect weather for meandering.
We canoed on the lake. We played tennis.We played a million board games.We hiked.
We visited a Bird of Pray Falconry, which was incredible. If you are ever out that way, it is so worth visit.
And some days...we just did nothing...

We had just had a blast...and even better we got to spend it with these two...
An amazing holiday in this beautiful country we call home.


Kylie said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! I wanna go!!

JessicaGiggles said...

Sounds exactly what I'm in need of at the moment... Glad you could get away and relax!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Wow...what stunning photos you took my friend...and you look stunning sitting there next to your DH;-D

Truchen said...

Wow, the Drakensburg seems amazing! Ive never been but Im def gonna make a plan when I come home.
Love your blog!!!

Tamara said...

Looks simply divine. I love the Berg and the Midlands!