30 August, 2010

Supporting our boys.

When we found out that the Springboks would be taking on the All Blacks at Soccer City, there was not a chance in hell that we were gonna miss it!

We even postponed our holiday for this historical game...and it was so worth it!

It was such a great day, the atmosphere was unbelievable, South African flags everywhere...and even though we didn't win, I am so grateful to have been there.

What a day!


cat said...

It was a great event! Thanks for sharing your photos.

Shayne said...

What divine pics Hayley - you sure captured the spirit there.

Another momentus occasion for South Africa!

brigitte said...

must have been an awesome vibe! really nice pics.

Lynette Jacobs said...

Amazing photos of an awesome event. DH and friends are travelling to Bloem for Saturday's match...they are so excited.

Kirsty said...

awesome photos! At least we beat the wallabies in an awesome match last saturday x