07 July, 2010

We were there.

So finally, after what seemed like forever...we got to attend our first World Cup game: Brazil vs North Korea, at Ellis Park.

It was the coldest night in...well... in living history...but absolutely nothing was gonna dampen our spirits.
Everything worked so well, we used the park and ride, and it ran like a dream, no queues, no need to ask for directions. The atmosphere outside the stadium was electric...I have never experienced anything like that before.

I'll never forget, turning to my husband as the country flags were being brought out on to the field and saying "We are actually sitting at a Football World Cup game"....after all these years of watching them on tv, we were actually there...

What an amazing night...and I am so, so, glad we got to experience it...we were there!


Shayne said...

Can I just say i'm jealous? I so wish we had gotten to go to a game - i never thought the vibe around the WC would be so awesome and completely contagious. Great pics you captured.

cat said...


Kylie said...

wonderful photos! SO exciting!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I couldn't be more jealous if I tried. Seriously sitting here with my jaw dropped looking at your pictures! Was it totally awesome?!? I already know it was. Gah. I'm so jealous!!

It's so weird to me to see y'all so bundled up when it's 107 degrees here today!!