31 July, 2010

Saturday morning shopping.

This morning the BF and I quickly popped into one of my all time favourite places...

The Irene Village Market.

And to top it off it was their Christmas In July day...could it get any better. Well actually not...we landed up buying nothing...shock.horror. Except of course some food...why is that the two of us always end up with food *sigh*

Anyway, if any of you haven't been, it is truly a stunning market. It's set up between the massive blue gum trees, in front of the Smuts House Museum. It takes place on the second and last Saturday of each month, in Irene.

You see...there is more to Joburg than mine dumps and concrete :-)

Have a good Saturday.


Kirsty said...

oh - thx for that HAYLEY. I haven't been before - will have to give it a go!
Have you been to the organic market in Bryanston? It's my fave place!! It's on every saturday morning, and they do seasonal moonlight markets too! Maybe me, you and kate should go together? x

Hayley said...

Havent been there Kirsty but have been dying to go...i agree think we should arrange with Kate!

Tamara said...

Love the Irene market. It's 5min from my parents place, so we often pop in when we're doing a family weekend. I love that it's a proper craft market, not a flea market full of cheap Chinese imports. I also find lots of ideas there, even when I don't buy anything.