10 July, 2010

She is truly spectacular.

And just like football is taking over South Africa right now, so it's taking over my little blog...sorry about that ....just can't help myself.

On, the 17th June...we finally got to to go the game we had been waiting for....the one at Soccer City. After all this time, I could not wait to see her...and oh my word...did she not disappoint.

She is truly spectacular.
For those that don't know, she is designed in the shape of a Calabash, which is a traditional African pot. Which I just think is awesome....so African!
We were finally there!

The match was between Argentina and South Korea. And just like the game before, their fans were on top form. I could spend hours just sitting and watching them.
I am so, so, so thankful we got to go to a game there. Thanks to my parents, we got to see a Football World Cup game at Soccer City.
A once in a lifetime opportunity!


Anonymous said...

At first glance the stadium appeared to be something from outer space. Just beautiful. The inside took my breath away. Stunning! I'm an ex South African living in the US! Nice to read about what others are doing back in the good ole South Africa!

Anonymous said...
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Perfectly Imperfect said...

I'm kind of glad the World Cup is over so I don't have to keep drooling over your pictures from games!

How cool that you got to be a part of all this!

Sophia said...

It sure looked superb on closing night...WOW

You are lucky to have been at a game, my DH got to go to 2 games with his Dad...