09 July, 2010

I'm a commuter.

Yesterday, I realised that I would be working the whole day in Sandton, so I quickly decided to use the Gautrain.

We've used it to Sandton City a few times, already, but I haven't used the extended bus routes. So, with the help from the bf {who has been using it everyday to work}, I made my way to the station this morning, a little nervous.
Getting to Sandton was easy, in fact it was so exciting to see SO many business people using it.
I then made my way to the bus section, and within seconds, someone came up to me to help me get on the right bus route. Third stop and I was at my stop, climbed off with a few other people, and took a short walk to the office.

I know you're probably thinking why the hell I am posting about this, but it was so incredible to be doing this. From spending hours by myself in my car, to mingling with other work people, walking in the freash air, greeting people as we pass each other, and just walking in the city and seeing new things. Things that have been there all along, I just never seen them.

It's such a new way of life...I'm a commuter everyone!


JessicaGiggles said...

So New York of you! ;) I have yet to step foot anywhere near the Gautrain but I do hope to do so soon! Hope you have many more happy commuting days!

Wenchy said...

Is just the cost.... sjoe

Hayley said...

Hey Wenchy, its not to bad, and once the toll roads open, its going to be much cheaper...and the major bonus....no stress :-)

Ness at Drovers Run said...

It sounds great, glad that some normality of life is making itself felt up north!

What does it cost? Just out of interest?

Shayne said...

Sounds very New York!

And what does it cost? Just out of interest - you never know i may just find myself in Gauteng one day and need to use it!

Reminds me of 20 years ago when I used to travel from Rondebosch to Town on the train daily - with no problems whatsoever.

Hayley said...

Hi Ladies,

The Airport link, which is from Sandton to ORT is R100.
The commuter link which has various stops, and is for every day commuters...the most you pay is R21.
You then get a monthly pass, for people who use it everyday, that works out cheaper.

Apparantly it works out to be cheaper than taking a car, but more expensive than a regular taxi.

Not to bad.

Anonymous said...
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Shayne said...

Ok, that's not too bad. Am sure that it would cost a lot more than R21 per day to use your car.

And i would imagine it's safer too.

thanks for the info.