10 June, 2010

What a day!

Oh my word...there are no words to describe what happened yesterday.

For those not in South Africa...some background...as you may know, in exactly 24 hours time South Africa is about to host the Football/Soccer World Cup...the biggest event to hit African soil. And yesterday at 12h00, all South Africans were asked to come out onto the streets and celebrate the upcoming tournament, and to support our soccer team, Bafana Bafana.

And boy did we ever! As I write this, I am still getting goosebumps.

The main event was in Sandton (north of Johannesburg), so initially I was a little jealous that we would all miss out...was I wrong. ...

South Africans all over South Africa came out, united...we danced in the streets, shouted from the rooftops, blew our vuvuzelas...oh my word, it was an incredible experience.

I didn't have my camera with me, but please pop over to Jeanette's blog, as usual she has taken some awesome pics. And also take the time to pop in here....some great pics of our country as it prepares to welcome the world.

I cannot wait for this event to start...if the rest of this month is anything like yesterday...we are in for one hell of a month South Africa!


cat said...

It was fantastic! I was in Brooklyn Mall at the time and it was truly an experience.

Shayne said...

I know that jealousy is a BAD emotion, but i am jealous! Green with jealousy - i so wish i was part of this all! Being stuck in a farming dorp where the rest of my neighbours are still as racist as ever - can you just imagine the soccer fever we have here? Niks, nada, NIL!

But i do have a fab soccer shirt thanks to darling Cat!

And i will be hosting my own little soccer party tom arvi here at home. Go South Africa!

Janet said...

I was there right oppostite the Highveld studio - I cannot even begin to describe in words! Got some photies on my blog that I took - takes SOOOO long to download though! I am SO proud to be South African this month!

Lynette Jacobs said...

LOL, reading this immediately after reading Kirsty...and can't help asking "did you see each other?"

Only in sports crazy South Africa will sport be the uniting factor...I stand in utter amazement when I look around me and see the smiling happy faces of our country men.