05 June, 2010

Day one of our long weekend away.

And as usual, we had an awesome long weekend in Cape Town. It was spent drinking, eating, drinking, drinking and eating...did I mention drinking?

Now before you think we are bunch of alcoholics...it was the sophisticated kind of drinking weekend...wine tasting in the wine lands...which of course just lands up being a normal drunken weekend after the first three wine farms...but for our purposes we will just call it a sophisticated wine tasting weekend...okay ;-)

Here are some photos from our first day there. We popped into the Cape Quarter, had lunch at the Royale Eatery...
And then spent the evening at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show , where we met up with some new friends we have made through Twitter.
Day one in Cape Town...awesome!


Wenchy said...

Sounds awesome to me and you looking fantastic

Janet said...

What fun! Sophisticated wine-tasting - simply the best!