20 May, 2010

Loving the traffic.

Three words I never thought I would say.

But, oh, how I am loving it at the moment. Thanks to the BFF, I have been listening to this, on my way to work and back. The Twilight Audio Books.

I have had the entire Twilight series sitting next to my bed for over a year...I read the first book, within days....the rest has taken a while. Mainly because, I can only manage a page in bed at night before falling asleep.

That was until I got my hands on the audio books. This is the second one I am listening to. And oh my word, why have I never discovered audio books before?

For one, it totally relaxes you in the traffic, in fact, the longer the better in the traffic.

And two, it feels like I am doing two things at the same time, so it feels like I am actually accomplishing things.

Totally loving the traffic and even better....I am totally back into my Twilight addiction.


Janet said...

Oh! What a good idea! Maybe I should "take a page out of your book!" Getting to work could be whole lot better! :)

cat said...

I should try it. My aunt always listens to audio books.

Ness at Drovers Run said...

I'm also going through a TWilight phase again at the moment. *LOVING* my kindle books and also can't wait for Eclipse on June 30th. FYI you need to see my post today...it has something twilightish in it! Send me a face pic of you and I'll edit it for you if you want one the same as mine. Just because I sense in you the same dorky fan-ness that grips me :)

Lynette Jacobs said...

As a rule I don't like driving and the traffic is a no-no;-D Anything that makes it bearable should be embraced!