26 May, 2010

Cape Town bound.

That's me...heading to Cape Town for a four day weekend.

The weekend was intially planned as a boys weekend...but the BF and I wangled our way on to the guest list. So now its a couples weekend...in the beautiful Cape winelands.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend...I plan too ;-)

PS. America, you so better be voting for Lee in American Idol...please don't let me down like you did when Adam didn't win. Thanks!


Shayne said...

Have a divine time!

cat said...

Oh enjoy! I'd love to be there too.

Janet said...

Oh lucky you! Enjoy and I hope the weather isn't too cold - although hot log fires, good wine ... aaaah! The best!

Lynette Jacobs said...


I am headed there at the beginning of July.