23 December, 2009

leaving on a jet plane.

That's right folks, we are outta here! We are off on our Christmas holiday. We are joining our family who are already in Cape Town. We cannot wait!

I will hopefully be blogging along the way...but something is telling me 'ja right!'

I will of course be checking in on all of you, from my phone, from the beach {he-he!}


Shayne said...

Have a wonderful wonderful time.

Am sad i'm not going to be in Cape Town this year, but feeling quite at peace with being on the farm.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Unknown said...

Have a very happy Christmas Hayley! My folks are there at the moment probably sitting on Camps Bay as I write this. Enjoy! x

Heather Nicole said...

Oh you're awful, telling me you will be on the beach reading blogs....just awful!

LOL, have fun and be safe.

Merry Christmas!!!

Love, Heather

lisa said...

8pm christmas eve here...thinking of y'all and your christmas morning. love you both! best to your family, enjoy your time together.