30 November, 2009

how the other half live.

I follow one of our local South African models on twitter. Not because I like her, I mean she is okay, it's just out of nuuskierigheid {I am nosey}.

So this what she tweeted in one week - it is fascinating, I tell you:

Day 1: "Oh crap, I forgot that I had tickets to the John Legend concert last night. Oh well"

Day 2: "Just rolling out of bed"
- it was 15h00!

Day 3: "Oh crap. I organised a surprise birthday lunch for my Mom, and forgot to invite her. It started 30 minutes ago" - you have got to be kidding me?

Day 4: "Why don't they make 'cant remember the name' coffee sachets anymore. I heart them"

Day 4, just one hour later: "Oh wow, a years supplier of 'cant remember the name' coffee sachets have just been delivered to my door. Thanks guys"

Day 5: "I suppose I better get up"
- it was 17h00!

Day 6: "How sweet, just got given a Louis Vuitton bag" - yes, that is very sweet...are you freakin kidding me?

Day 7: "I love my canary. People don't believe me, but she doesn't live in a cage, she just flies around my house"

Day 8: "Oh no my canary has flown away. I am so sad. Please come back"

And that's just in one week.

Seriously....the life of beautiful people...it must be so hard....shame.


Heather Nicole said...

wow - she would make me depressed if I had to read her tweets everyday! what a hard life she has! lol

Ness at Drovers Run said...

Brain vacuum alert! Do not read anymore of her tweets seriously. You will lose more brain power with each day that you follow her!

A New England Life said...

I think Ness might be right. This woman needs a serious brain transplant, a 'real-life' intervention, or someone to tweet for her!

Her life sounds so useless to me. Like watching static on tv ... but you can't turn it off because something exciting might happen at any moment. LOL!!!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Well lets just say that makes for comic relief!

Shayne said...

Imagine that life? Would get boring after a while surely - loafing around like that?

YUCk to the canary living in the house - where does is poo?

Lynette Jacobs said...

Please, can I answer Shayne's question?

Imagine streaks down the curtains and on the kitchen cupboards...YUCK!

Tamara said...

Wahahaha... wish I knew who that was, the silly wench.

Mel said...


cat said...

No I am dying to know who can be so absolutely dof.