03 October, 2009

just popping in.

To say a quick hello, and to let you know I am not dead. We have been busy, busy, busy.

Last weekend was fabulous, it's amazing what a a few days out of the big city can do for you. This weekend we are off to Sun City...yay for us.

Hopefully I will be back to normal blogging next week.

Have a fabulous weekend folks!


Mel said...

YOu two live the high life ek se! One weekend away to the next with a bit o work inbetween?

Say hi to your man for moi! YOu are both missed in cyberspace.


Unknown said...

LOVES the picture!

Ness @ Drovers Run said...

I think you guys need to come and babysit my boys for a weekend, that WE can go off to Suncity for the weekend.



allie. said...

Sounds as though life is a blast at the mo - enjoy!
Don't feel bad about seldom posting - it seems to be the space everyone is in right now.