27 October, 2009

decisions. decisions.

Well hello there!

Yes, it has been a while...far too long!

I have been taking a bit of a blogging break, it was unintentional. I landed up picking up some sort of bacteria in Botswana, and was man down for days...they are right...Africa ain't for sissies!

Anyway, the time off got me thinking about my little blog {again}, and I was wondering if I wanted to carry-on. I mean the real reason I started it, was because we were living away from home and it was a good way to let everyone know what was going in our lives. Now that we are back home, it seems kinda pointless.

And then I got thinking about what I say on here, I am never going to be writing anything mind blowing or life changing, its just random stuff....which then made me think should I make this blog private?

Decisions. Decisions.

So that's basically why I have been so quiet. Ironically, when I decide to not blog, I land up having so much to write about!

I have at least decided to carry on blogging. I am still umming and aahing about a few other things, so I might be quiet for a while longer.

I am of course still reading ALL of your blogs. Most of the time its on my phone, which means I battle to leave comments...but know that I am still here...just very quiet that's all.


Janet said...

Sorry you weren't well and I do hope your'e feeling better! I am sure you will make the right decision about your blog. Funny how so many people reach that stage? Wondering whether to carry on, or make it private. Read a couple where they've had the same feeling :(

Lynette Jacobs said...

Sorry to hear that you were sick...but happy to hear that you are better now.

You are not, I repeat NOT, allowed to leave blog land. We will miss you too much.

cat said...

Glad you are still here and hope you are much better by now. Do continue please!

Ordinarylife said...

I enjoy reading your blog, so hope you continue and keep it public.

glad you are feeling better.

Unknown said...

Don't go!Nobody writes anymore!

Jeanette said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. Hope you do carry on... I go through stages like that too, but I cannot tear myself away for very long

Kylie said...

I'm so sorry you were so sick!

I've had a lot of trouble finding time to write lately on my blog, but I miss it- please don't give up your blogging! But if you do, then email me often because I love reading about your day to day life! :)

brigitte said...

please dont stop blogging, nice to sort of keep in touch with u. keep well

Tamara said...

I'm a little late, but am going to reiterate what everyone else has said never the less... STAY! Please?