02 September, 2009

like mother, like daughter.

This is Phoebe...
...our first.

And over the last few years, she has been getting a bit...lets say...fuller figured...okay, no...freakin huge! So, in an attempt to get her some exercise, we bought her a brand spanking new ball. Hoping that she just might take a few laps of our garden.

Which she did...twice...and then proceeded to just lie with it. Not because she didn't want it, in fact she loved it.

So much so, that she would not let any of us near it, she insisted on bringing it inside, she even slept with it. It has not left her side. Just her and her ball.

So while exercise is clearly not for my girl....she at least pretends....I mean that does count after all?
Like mother, like daughter.


Jeanette said...

LOL, what a cutie :)

Kylie said...

that is so funny!

Heather Nicole said...

This is too cute!!!!

So much for the exercise!

Suzi said...

oh my gosh I LOVE her!!!

Janet said...

She's gorgeous! As for exercise? I could relate to that! I'd much rather work in my garden!

Ness @ Drovers Run said...

She is gorgeous. I have to laugh though, she has the same name as my MIL!

Do you know what would get her moving like she has rediscovered her youth? A little buddy! Another doggy friend for her to 'mummy'. Worked with our labby!

Shayne said...

I know how she feels - i hate exercise too!

She is a real cutie though!

allie. said...

No, no, nonono!
How can you say that!?

As you say, she is huge.
She is hmmm, um, um, not in the high end of physically attractive.

So you have this one teeeeeeny thing in common about exercise.
That is no reason to say 'Like mother, like daughter'

I mean - would YOU squat on a ball like that?

Perfectly Imperfect said...

she's so cute with her ball!!

Unknown said...

Hi!! Popped over to your blog from Shayne's blog. Where I popped to from my sister, Lynette's blog!!
Love the style of your blog and will def be back to read more. I too had a dog which was a little bit undertall for her weight! They are stimply irresistable. Love the photos.

Ordinarylife said...

Oh man, she is gorgeous!!!

Tam said...

hahaha, geez Phoebe...fuller figured there alright!!

That is just too cute, Abi loves her balls too, the only problem is - she loves them so much that she gets so excited and pops them - then she wont let you near it for the next few hours! Too funny!!

How about some more pics of both your babies!!