28 August, 2009


The husband and I are suffering from a serious case of internetlessness. We have been off-line now for a few days and it is driving us mad.

Luckily, our beloved Blackberry’s are allowing us to twitter, facebook and read everyone’s blogs.
So please excuse the lack of comments or posts. Every chance I get, I will be back-posting posts or catching up with everyone.

Hopefully we will be back soon. Miss me okay :-)


Shayne said...

we miss you! Be back soon.

allie. said...

Hey there!
Sympathies - if you have read my latest post you will know that there are other frustrations of a similar kind in cyber-world.
Hope you come right soon

Lynette Jacobs said...

Sounds like the same bug that got to Allie got to you. Missing you be back soon:)

Unknown said...

Miss you! Blogging World is not the same without you!

cat said...

Oh no! A little Telkom problem? In our are we have Neotel promoting, so now everything gets fixed in like 2 hours.